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·       Frontier Charter School is a flexible K-12 homeschool/correspondence program that serves students with diverse interests and needs, including educational travel or competitive sports travel schedules, advanced studies at any grade level, traditional homeschool education, behind in high school credits, special learning or medical needs, and online learning.


·       Frontier’s program allows families to use public education funds to give students access to a tremendous learning environment. Frontier students can take classes at UAA, UAF, and online colleges and universities throughout the United States for dual credit; attend courses in other ASD schools; use the vendor of their choice for a multitude of other options, either online or in-person; and choose the curriculum of their choice that reflects their own family values and desire for quality.


·       Frontier students also benefit from a customized daily schedule, the flexibility of a 12-month school year, and the personalized support of their academic advisor.


  • We have one of the highest allotments in the state of Alaska.
  • Grades Kindergarten - 6th = $2,500.00
  • Grades 7th - 8th = $3,000.00
  • Grades 9th - 12th $4,000.00
  • We have two offices to serve you. We are located in Anchorage and Eagle River.

If you would like more information, please go to our website: www.frontiercs.org or call 742-1181. 

NOTE: Parents or guardians that apply to Frontier Charter School with children having an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be asked to bring the Frontier office a copy of their child’s current IEP. A Frontier staff member will review the IEP and discuss enrollment with you.

  • You may be asked to participate in a meeting at your student’s neighborhood school to ensure that our program can adequately support your special education needs.
  • The option of receiving special education services at the neighborhood school is also discussed. 



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