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ANCCS ~ Building student excellence through traditional cultural learning.

 The Alaska Native Cultural Charter School is a Title 1 Charter school within the Anchorage School District that serves children from preschool age through the 8th grade. The school serves over 300 students with rigorous focus on Reading, Writing and Mathematics. In addition to these, there is a continual overtone of Native culture, with each grade level focusing on a specific Alaskan Native subculture.

For the preschool program there is a separate application available at the school, it is not filled by lottery.

 The students practice native dance and drumming in their PE classes; they spend two hours a week in Yup’ik instruction; and they do many projects that reflect culture such as: plucking geese; creating replicas of native artifacts; diorama of ancient native dwelling; the complete butchering of seals; go on school-wide berry-picking and ice fishing trips. The students excel because they are being nurtured with culture and showered with excellence in teaching.

The children of ANCCS represent a variety of cultures, with Hmong, African American, Caucasian, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Hispanic. 90% of the families are within poverty status, but these families have chosen this charter school because it works.

 ANCCS shares its passion and vision with its valued school business partnerships. The Alaska Native Heritage Center, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium IT Department, Southcentral Foundation Behavioral Health, the Boys and Girls Club of Muldoon, HOPE Worldwide, and the Eagle River Nature Center all work together with the school to supplement the education for the students. From providing field trip experiences to native dance training; from additional time in an adequate gym to help with our after-school programs, each of these Partnerships works every day to achieve the overall vision that the Anchorage School District has — To Educate Students for Success in Life.


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